Rocket League Season 8 Comes to an End

Psyonix's hit physics game, Rocket League, competitive season 8 comes to a close September 24th. The reward items for this season has been confirmed by Psyonix that it will be boosts again. The last time Psyonix has used boost for rewards was back in season 2. Many players of the game are upset with the rewards this season. Wow, I wasted time just for a lousy boost, I get it Psyonix. says Chase Kunz in retaliation of this announcement.

Rocket League Season 9 with new Competitive Gamemodes

Along with season 8 ending, season 9 begins and Psyonix is adding a few gamemodes into the frey. Psyonix plans to add all the sports gamemodes (hoops, dropshot, rumble, and hockey) into a competitive playlist. While they are adding this into a competitive playlist they are removing it from the casual playlist as there are few people playing them as is, so making it a ranked playlist was probably for the better. There will be a skill gap between the people one plays now opposed to just playing whoever is available.

Now an in depth look with an average player, Chase Kunz. Seeing this is the first time they are adding this playlist into competitive rather than its usual casual playlist was a good idea on paper, but I doubt it will gain enough traction for it to become more popular. The dropshot gamemode is by far the best idea they had, but the worst executed. It is best to go to the drawing board and to come up with new gamemodes itself than just recycling ideas for new crates. At this point in Rocket League, Psyonix is just making money opposed to doing what the fans want.

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